Saturday, July 30, 2011

Distractions :-)

I know I've been slacking on blogging pictures lately. I've been distracted by well, life .... but also tiredness .... and also the Casey Anthony trial (that has now ended, which I'm sure everyone knows), and ALSO Chris and I have started watching the series Friday Night Lights (so addicting ... we love it). Anyway, with all those distractions, I haven't been keeping up with blogging as much, so here is a little catch up for you on this Saturday night.

My "soon to be starting preschool in 10 days" son. Yes, preschool. 2 days a week. We registered last week - and are going to pick out a backpack with Gram and Poppy tomorrow (who are in town - yay)! I'm really excited for Jake about preschool ... and I know he is going to love the structure and the friendships - and just THRIVE, but please pray it's a smooth transition for him. He loves play groups and playing with friends, etc., but I'm just ALWAYS there, so.... things like Sunday School, etc., aren't always the easiest - so I'm just praying he will have few tears - and just really love it from the first day on (i have a feeling I'll be promising him ice cream from the chick-fil-a across from his school at the end of the day on his first day).
Speaking of Chick-fil-A ice cream, the boys and I met one of my closest friends, Taniya, and her sister and their kids near Atlanta a couple of weekends ago for Chick-Fil-A as they were passing through on their way to Mississippi. The kids all played in the playground for about 3 hours - and we actually were able to have some conversation :-) Jake had his first ice cream CONE (no, he is not a deprived child ... he normally just gets it in the cup, but he LOVED this newfound secret of the ice cream CONE). :-)
Jake and Gracie ...

The boys doing Jillian Michael's 30-day shred work out video with me one morning :-)
On the 2nd Tuesday of every month here in Columbus, the Moe's has $2 burritos. Ah-may-zing
So, it was obviously cheaper than a kids meal, and I asked Jake if he wanted to try it out. Goodbye Quesadillas and HELLO Burritos. He ate the whole entire thing. Every last bite.

Happy plate. Happy face.
Playing some baseball .... Jake sliding into home - SAFE.
Cole swinging the bat :-)
The boys took me to the Island of Sodor one morning a couple of weeks ago. I was just glad the island had wi-fi! :-) These are the cutest trains ever!
Walking a mile in Daddy's shoes.
Building a fort one morning for/with the boys. With Cole always trying to dive on top of it, I wasn't able to really get it perfected. We'll keep working on it.

Cole bringing Jake toys to put inside the fort.
Cole still LOVING to read.
PASSED OUT during lunch. Preciousness.
Jake Adam. When we were leaving Old Navy one day, Jake asked me to take a picture - and I said, "Of what, Jake?" He said, "Take a picture of me with all of these people." So, here you have it. He cracks me up!!!
This is Jake SOUND ASLEEP one afternoon. We were talking ... and next thing I know, he was out. I thought he was faking - and then realized this was for real - ha!

Pretending to drive a Harley.

Cole and Jake at the Pirate Playground on base. This place is awesome ... and this particular slide is super fast! Jake always wants me to take pictures and video, so he can watch them later - haha!

Singing "I'm in the Lord's Army" and marching around the kitchen.

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