Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Oh Jake Ashinhurst! We never are really sure what is going to come out of his mouth. This stage is so FUN in that kids just say the most hilarious things. I really do need to start writing them down. I have a notebook somewhere, but I haven't found it since we moved.... Anyway. This morning, we were reading a bible story during breakfast out of his Children's Bible, and we were reading about creation this morning. So, after I finished reading about Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden, I was asking him some questions ... and one of the questions was "Why did Adam and Eve have to leave the Garden of Eden?" Jake said, "Because they didn't listen to God." I said, "That's right... They didn't obey God. It's important to obey God and Mommy and Daddy, etc." Jake then stops (and I could see the wheels spinning) and goes, "Let's go buy the book where they obey God this time and don't have to leave the Garden."

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