Friday, August 28, 2009

Wagon Ride

I'm not sure if you remember from previous blog posts that when we were in VA about a month ago, Jake was pushing his bears and toys in this wagon at Mimi's house. Well, we got into town yesterday - and after a fun afternoon at Gram and Poppy's house, we headed to The Grove to Mimi and Papa Dee's house. Jake immediately found his wagon - and started pushing it around....and next thing we know, Jake and Papa Dee come barreling around the corner with Jake RIDING in the wagon. So, you know that game lasted a long time....until Papa Dee's back gave out (just kidding). BUT you will notice in the 2 pictures that Dad finally grabbed a dish towel to make the wagon handle just a little longer for him to pull :-) This game has continued today....and I'm sure it will tomorrow....and the next day....and the next.....and the next.... :-)


Kate said...

These pictures crack me up! Jake has managed to fit himself in to some pretty tight places in the last week...his bumbo...the bathroom sink...and now this...what will the boy think of next! Hope Papa Dee is doing alright! : )

Heather said...

Love this Allison!!!