Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Playing Ball and More of the Same...

Here are a couple of videos from last night- taken shortly before Jake went to bed.  We threw around the ball for a little while....and then I went in his room to put down his blinds - and I walked back into the living room, and he was standing on his "stage" and talking and dancing.  So, the second video is a little more of the same, BUT....he found a "stage" to do it on :-)   What will he discover today?!  Now, on with our day....more errands this morning - then, playground and pool this afternoon (please don't rain)!!   




Shawn and Taniya said...

I am so glad to see that someone else has a living room... er .. playroom that looks like mine!!!

Heather said...

The kids and I think he is saying "dancing" at the end...so cute