Thursday, August 6, 2009

Trip back SOUTH!

There's no doubt about it that Chris and I are blessed in a million ways by Jake...and one of those "practical ways" is that he is a really good traveler (maybe 3 trips across country before 12 months was practice) :-)  SO, the 8 hour trip (which usually is 9+ when making a couple stops) back home went REALLY well.  We took the truck this trip, too, which was actually nice for Jake to be able to walk around in the back of it when we stopped for gas, food, etc.  Jake has had a busy few weeks with being in FL with Nana and Papa and then Gram and Poppy coming to see us for a week - and then being in VA for a week.  We are now back home and getting back into routine.  In fact, we are on our way out in a few minutes to go for our morning walk before the sun comes up TOO much :-)  Jake has been saying a few words lately.....he says, "this" (as I already mentioned and he says "this" for pretty much everything), he says "uh oh" which is the cutest thing in the world...and I have on video from yesterday, so I'll post that another time.  What else is he saying?  Well, now I drew a blank - but he is definitely trying harder and harder to communicate with us, so it's really fun!  Tomorrow we are meeting Mom-Mom and Pap-Pap in Charleston and then Saturday we may head to Columbia to go to the, we are maximizing our fun this summer for sure :-)  

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Smith Family said...

Awe - Glad you guys had a good trip back. Funny, Reagan says "this" a lot too! And many times I have no idea what she is talking about. lol
(ps There is a CHANCE Matt might be coming home early! Won't know til Monday or Tuesday...)