Saturday, August 22, 2009

Aunt Katy and....the ZOO!

Today was a busy and FUN-filled day.  We picked up Aunt Katy from the airport .... and then headed to the zoo:-)  The rain held off - and the sun stayed behind the clouds, but it was extremely humid, so we only stayed about 2 hours; however, that was plenty of time to walk through and see the animals.  Jake especially loved the nuts and bolts that held together the fences surrounding the animals - and he also liked the ceiling fans in the pavilions (go figure).  He did a lot of "oooo"ing and pointing AND I didn't get it on video, but he waved hello and goodbye to EVERY animal that we saw (real and fake)!!!  It was pretty cute!  A lot of the animals were sleeping - but he did like seeing the giraffes - and he liked the fake elephant, too (you can see Jake petting the fake elephant in the last picture) :-) :-)  We also had to hold on tight to him, b/c he probably would have tried to find a way to go pet all of the animals - and end up in each animals' "pool" :-)  Jake was especially friendly to the growling leopard (something tells me the leopard wasn't impressed with Jake's friendliness)!! 

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