Tuesday, August 25, 2009


So, yesterday I had a dentist appt.  I had an OB appt, too.  It was really nice having Katy here, b/c she stayed with Jake, so I was able to comfortably go to these appointments without worrying about whether or not Jake is/was okay :-)  BUT....at my dentist appt., when the dentist came in to check my teeth, he was asking where I was from, etc., etc.  I told him near the Quantico, VA area.  He said he was very familiar with the area, b/c he graduated from Woodbridge High School (about 20 minutes away from North Stafford - I played plenty of basketball games there).  Anyway, he went on to say that he then went to James Madison University!!  No Kidding!!  SO, here I am in Beaufort, SC - at my dentist office - and he also graduated from JMU!  Small World!  

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Steve said...

Allison, when you mentioned JMU, it popped up on my computer; I work at JMU w/ alumni and noted that I couldn't find you on our database...maybe off line, you could update your record w/ new name and address..I'm assuming it's Dr. Smith in Beaufort SC as he is the only dentist who is a JMU grad living in Beautfort. You can email me at smith3cs@jmu.edu or go to the on line directory at the jmu.edu/alumni and update your info; we have a great alumni magazine and I'd hate to see you lose touch w/ JMU...another one of those small world moments.

All the best to you. Go Dukes!

Steve '71
Associate VP, Constituent Relations