Friday, June 26, 2009


After all of the excitement of watching a double-header....and then getting to RUN AROUND on the field, he got to play in the back of Daddy's truck for a couple of minutes (that's how Daddy contains Jake while he's getting things "organized" - aka cleaned out - in his truck)! :-)  SO, Jake had a pretty fun and busy night last night!  It's no surprise he slept in about 45 extra minutes this morning - how cool was that for Mommy!! 
*ps. if you blow up the pictures and you notice Jake's shirt all wet - that is NOT because he was sweating so much....he was pouring water on himself - and I was letting him do it (hey, no harm was done), so that's why he's all wet!  Just didn't want people thinking I had him out in the unbearable, extreme heat :-)

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