Sunday, June 21, 2009


Today was a fun day spent with Daddy!  He had duty yesterday/last night, so he got home around 7:15am - and we quickly got ready and headed out to eat breakfast at IHOP - yummy!! :-)  Later, we went and got Daddy's present, b/c he has been wanting some fishing poles and gear, so that he can fish in his "free time."  Who knew that there are like a bazillion choices when trying to pick out a fishing pole?!  Good thing he knew what he was looking for.... Then, Daddy got in a good Father's Day nap, which was much needed and well-deserved....and then there was lots of play time....and lots of hugs!  We are so thankful for Chris - and I love watching him be a Dad to Jake.  Jake is one very lucky kid to have such a cool Dad!  We love you Chris/Daddy :-)


Kate said...

Jake definitely found his nose!...much to your dismay. But he is still the cutest kid ever! I'm glad ya'll had a good day, especially Chris! Can't wait to see you again soon!

Ringmaster said...

Aww, looks like fun, tell Chris that rocking the redneck camo hat is AWESOME! And I see Jake too has table toppers, talk about the best invention EVER!!!