Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Excited to see Daddy!

Jake LOVES when it's time for Daddy to come home!  Chris works some pretty long hours - even on the weekends - and usually doesn't get home until around 730p, so about 30 minutes before Jake goes to bed, BUT Jake makes the most of every second he has when Chris comes home!!  Here is a video of Chris getting home the other night.  I wanted to get it on video, b/c every night Jake hears the garage open...and normally starts making his way to the back door and gives Chris a huge hug when he walks in.  On this particular night, Jake was playing in the foyer and saw Daddy's truck pull in the driveway, so he kept trying to see Daddy....and Daddy happened to sneak in and surprise him.  I just thought his reaction was priceless....he was so excited!

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