Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The laundry basket

So, this is day #3 of Jake enjoying his laundry basket.  He sometimes helps throw his dirty clothes into the basket, but at the beginning of the week, he decided to start filling it up with toys.  As you can see, it is stuffed to the top - full of toys, shoes, books, stuffed animals (yes, even Mr. Bear ended up buried in there), individual puzzle pieces....and he takes so much pleasure filling it all up - and then he tries to empty as much as possible (as far as his arm will reach when digging down there).  It has been a FUN show that I have been watching these last few days.  Thankfully, he took an "intermission" and flashed a couple of smiles for me this afternoon :-)  

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Jill and Scott said...

That is too cute! Guess what? We have the exact same laundry hamper for our boys . . . we got it as a gift when Ethan was a baby, and it is still holding up strong! (Just fills up a lot faster with two boys dirty laundry in it!) :-)