Monday, June 29, 2009

Pretty Funny

So, I took this video sometime last week - but it's hilarious, b/c it was right after Jake was finishing eating lunch.....and he is falling asleep, but trying to fight it!  It totally cracks me up!  This is the second time lately that he has been fighting sleep at lunch - I think the heat is really taking it out of him, but enjoy'll probably make you laugh!


Ringmaster said...

too cute!! I love when Hailey does that, but never seem to have the camera around :) It's hard to be in that "one nap a day" time, where two is too much but trying to make it past lunch can sometimes be hard :)

MN Mom said...

That is so darn cute Allison! I can finally comment on here...I check often to see how you all are doing! How are you feeling?!

MN Mom said...

I thought it would put my name up...MN Mom is Birgitta! :)