Friday, June 19, 2009

Aunt Katy and Aunt Becky Visit!!

Aunt Becky and Aunt Katy came to visit this week!!  We had a GREAT time with them here!  Jake loved all of the extra attention - and being spoiled :-)  I enjoyed the company....and the extra hands!  We all really appreciate you two coming to visit us this week - it was such a FUN time. 

In fact, Jake had SO much fun.....that today at lunch (and they left early this morning), but he FELL ASLEEP DURING LUNCH!!!!!!!  There's a first time for everything, b/c the boy has never slept when food is involved (at least that I remember) - and yet today....he ate most of his lunch, but was sound asleep before he finished - with no hope of awakening him! :-)  He wants to thank his 2 aunts for lots of FUN, too :-)

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