Sunday, June 14, 2009


The pool was a BIG HIT today (thanks Hailey for letting your Mom blog about your pool and convincing us to buy one, too)!! :-)  The best part was watching Chris, Chris, and Emily blow the pool up!  I couldn't really partake in that activity...being pregnant and all!!  Anyway, we had lots of fun - Jake pretty much just chilled and read a bath book that Sofia had brought (I really thought he would be all over the pool, but he was content just chillin and reading the book).  Sofia was fearless and was trying to go down the slide face first!!  It was a VERY FUN time....and I know we will probably be using the pool a lot this week when Aunt Becky and Aunt Katy get here.  It's just not fun telling Jake it's time to go inside.......OR probably getting our water bill at the end of the month (considering the hose stays on and plugged into the pool the whole that the sprinklers will work), is totally worth it to see the joy on their faces!!  

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Ringmaster said...

YEAH!!!! Don't you just love it -- as far as the water bill goes, after the first few minutes of initial fun are up, I go and turn the water down to minimum and it cuts down a good bit ;) Look like Jake loves it!!!