Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rare Moment

You are witnessing a rare moment that I was able to capture on film: Jake ACTUALLY PLAYING with his toys. He wasn't trying to get all of my pots and pans out (because I forgot to put the childproof lock back on after I got one out) OR trying to mess in the trash OR pulling the DVDs off the rack OR taking a DVD out of the DVD player (yes, he figured that out) OR turning the TV power button on and off OR trying to figure out how to open the bathroom door so that he can flush the toilet (wonder if that obsession will make potty training easier down the line) OR the many other things that Jake is normally trying to do besides play with the tons of toys he has. I would imagine that Jake plays with his toys 20% of the time and the remaining 80% of the time he spends trying to pull a "fast one" on me. I have to give the boy some credit - he gets an "A" for effort. Each day is a FUN adventure with Jake (in fact, he's sleeping right now, and I already can't wait until morning comes....but not before I get a little bit of sleep and refuel, too) :-) I am loving his vest in these pictures. He looks like such a little man. Taniya gave him that for Christmas - and it has been especially perfect for the weather we are having here now (and by the way...HAPPY BIRTHDAY Taniya! We love you)!!

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