Wednesday, February 4, 2009


So, I'm a little behind since Jake turned 1 a week ago today - Jan 28 (they tell me to give them 2-3 more weeks and the internet out here will be working fine....but I still wanted to post as many pictures as I could from his actual birthday...and then party this past weekend). Here are a couple pictures of Jake right after he was born - and then from his birthday night eating a cupcake :-) It's amazing the changes that a year brings.
Here are the stats -
Birth weight: 8lbs .3 oz
Birth height: 20 inches
1 year weight: 28 lbs
1 year heights: 31 inches
We just had his 1 year check-up on Monday ..... and I survived the 4 shots barely. :-) This was the first appointment that Jake actually was realizing (and caring) what they were doing....and didn't really want them doing it :-) Before, he just has been a big flirt with the nurses and doctors, so maybe he was more resistant this time b/c of the new office and doctors....or maybe because he actually just didn't like someone giving him a head to toe check up - and then shots! Overall, though - he did really well...not too many tears, and he enjoyed the puffs that he got to eat right after the shots!! On a funny note, when the nurse was weighing him at first, she told me he weighed in at 15lbs, and I was like, "um, that definitely isn't right?" She didn't believe me, but she said she would do it again. I told her that if he weighed 15lbs that that would mean that he lost 9lbs since his 9 month appt, and I was pretty sure my back proved that that wasn't the case. In any event, she weighed him again - and we finally got the correct weight of 28 lbs :-) 15lbs - ha!
What an amazing year this has been! Jake, I know you can't read this....but you are such a blessing to us! You bring so much JOY to our daily lives, and I feel so fortunate to be your Mom!

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Jill and Scott said...

Happy 1st Birthday Jake!!! Wow, he is a big boy at 28 lbs! Caleb is 2 1/2 and weighs 30 lbs right now . . . my kids have always been in the lower percentiles for weight though. Looks like the bubble machine was a hit! :-)