Friday, February 13, 2009


This is the mound of clothes sitting on my couch that I have to put away (granted I'm killing time blogging instead of putting them away, but that's besides the point). I HATE putting clothes away. I don't mind washing them....and I don't mind folding them - but putting them away.....that's about as bad as having to put the groceries away AFTER you've been to the grocery story. SO....if anyone wants to volunteer to put these clothes away for me, let me know (the unfortunate thing, of course, is that everyone reading this blog lives at least 4+ hours away) :-) Maybe I'm not as "type A" as people think, b/c I probably could leave these clothes sitting on this couch for days (sorry Mom...I know you taught me better than that)!!

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Ringmaster said...

OK so that one made me laugh, I am TOTALLY the same, will wash and fold no complaints, but then they sit in piles in my room for literally days. Karl doesn't get it, since he says it takes half the time to put them away as it does to fold them ... and quite frankly I don't get it either, I just know that I hate it :)