Friday, February 13, 2009

Porch Picnic

The weather has been GREAT this week, so Jake and I decided to have a porch our pajamas (which is the best part)! I haven't yet "fixed up" the screened in porch yet - but I have some good ideas that are going to make for lots of fun times out on that porch. BUT for now - Jake and I have enjoyed some time out there...just hanging out.

This is Jake trying to figure out if he is going to crawl off the pink blanket (sorry Chris - I just grabbed the top one in the closet). He was testing out the ground to see if it was cold.....

This is Jake just being plain cocky as he has moved off the blanket and is walking around the maze of furniture ...."what's up now Mom?!"

1 comment:

Ringmaster said...

SO jealous, wish I could live somewhere that screened in porches were commonplace!