Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Favorite Moments

First smile



Ever since Jake turned 1, I've been going over in my mind all of the great moments of his first year. It's really hard to determine a "favorite" moment, because so many of them have been special in different ways (intro to green beans, the low crawl, blowing raspberries, intro to sippy cup, the drives across country, first time at beach, first time to DC, etc). So, I decided that I would share my 3 favorite from 0-6 months and the other from 6-12 months and one overall. Probably the best moment of the year was seeing Jake and Chris reuinte after he got back from Iraq. The expression on Jake's face was priceless (and the excitement on the face of Chris, too)! :-) BUT, here are my favorite 2 moments of Jake's first year: 1. Jake's first smile. It happened before he turned 2 months old, which was great, b/c it was before Chris left, and I can remember that Jake was in his boppy (love and miss that thing) on the guest bedroom bed while Chris and I were in there just watching him....and making faces at him....and all of a sudden - SMILE!! I think it was one of my favorite moments, b/c it was kind of like the first time he truly acknowledged us...almost as to say "you guys are pretty cool." Chris and I were just going nuts - and of course we got a picture (because we carried the camera on and ready everywhere....sometimes I still look back at the pictures and think - did I really need 50 pictures of Jake sleeping in this same position on the same day?) I mean, Chris and I were calling our parents, "he smiled he smiled he smiled!!" I never get tired of that smile! Moment #2 from 6-12 months....PEEK-A-BOO. I love it! I love how when I started playing it with him where I would hide my face he would laugh....and then we progressed to where he would duck in his pak-n-play or crib or even behind a couch and chair and play it with me.....and even now, he STILL hides his face behind a blanket or toy to play peek-a-boo with us, SO it's fun that I used to be the one to do it to him - and now he does it to me. I think this is the BEST game ever invented (except over Christmas when we went to get pictures made and the photographer tried to play it with him and he burst into tears....guess Jake plays selective peek-a-boo) :-) SO, those are my favorite moments of the year....I could go on and on with other great moments, but instead of typing, I'd rather go experience new moments now. What are your favorite moments? Not necessarily with Jake.....but with your baby (even if they aren't a baby anymore) or your niece or nephew or little brother, sister, etc. I would love to hear them! This is an interactive post today....just spicing it up :-)


Becky said...

My favorite moment with Jake was on our trip to South Carolina in June. Katy and I took him to the aquarium and we had such a good time. It was his first time in his bjorn and he loved being in that thing. He just sat in it, looking out at everything, flirting with the ladies. We saw turtles, sharks, and all sorts of fish. No dolphins though :(. He was such a good, sweet baby boy that day despite being away from his momma for hours. Katy and I had such a fun time being aunts to the cutest baby boy. I'm sure if he was older, we would have left with half the gift shop!

Ringmaster said...

I don't think it's possible to pick a favorite moment with Hail's there's just so many, from the first words (dada, go figure) to the first time she rolled over and I waited patiently for ages with the camera on video setting just waiting for her to do it again . . . but probably one of the funniest was when she was still tiny, just a few weeks old and we were upstairs on the couch watching tv . . . she had just had her bath and I was giving her a little "fresh air" bum time, so no diaper. Anyhow she let out a little gas and then just exploded poo all over Karl who was sitting next to her butt -- I don't think I had laughed that hard in ages, just the pure horror on his face and her contentment from getting it all out . . . PRICESLESS!