Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Jake's Party!!

This past Saturday was Jake's 1st birthday party. I decided to forego the petting zoo and moon bounce ..... and I opted only for a $14.99 bubble machine - which was actually REALLY cool, and I highly recommend it - for any party! The highlight of the party (besides Jake) was that Gram and Poppy and Aunt Jenn, Aunt Becky, and Aunt Katy all came down for the weekend! It was great having them here - and so nice of them considering it is an 8 hour drive - and they got here late Friday night and left early Sunday morning. THANK YOU GUYS FOR COMING!!!!!! It was a very special day! Jake was in bed on Friday before they got here, so when he woke up on Saturday morning - he had quite the surprise. THAT started out his FUN, FUN day!! Here are some of the highlights....

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