Friday, February 27, 2009

Oh, he is funny!

So, last night as we were winding down and about to read a few books before heading to bed....Jake was chewing away on his teething ring, b/c they have really been bothering him lately. I notice he will favor them for a couple of days.....and then be okay.....and then a few days later will be favoring them again, so I imagine the pain is on and off, we were talking and I was watching him....I noticed that he decided he really didn't need his hands to hold the teething ring. I mean, why would he hold it with his hands.....when he could be using his hands to play??????? And they say guys can't multi-task...maybe males just have "selective multi-task" syndrome!! I mean, I'm sure if I was asking Jake to pick up his toys (which he can't understand yet anyway), but if he could....I'm sure he would tell me that he needed both of his hands to hold his teething ring at the moment - BUT when it comes to playing - he had his hands free! He cracks me up....everyday with Jake is like a box of chocolates - I never know what I'm gonna get ;-)

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