Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Penguin

A couple of weeks ago, Mom-Mom and Pap-Pap came to visit and brought Jake his Christmas and birthday presents. It was really great to see them - and Jake was so excited to see them that he didn't even take a nap the WHOLE day...and stayed happy :-) Anyway, one of the presents was this penguin (in the pictures), and when you knock it around, it plays music. It has a weight at the bottom of it, so when you hit it, it always pops back up. Well, I thought Jake was just going to think this was the best thing since sliced bread....and he does now, BUT it took a little while. When the penguin first got blown up, Jake was SOOOO scared! I mean, we would put it in the kitchen (Jake's favorite room in the house, b/c it's the room we want him in the least), but he wouldn't even step foot in the kitchen if the penguin was anywhere in there....and he would shutter and start to cry when he would come face to face with it. It was half funny and half sad. Eventually, Chris and I decided to work with him and help him enjoy the penguin, so we played for a while with the penguin...and Jake eventually came around. NOW, I randomly will see him hugging the penguin, so they have become friends now, but it sure was funny at the beginning.

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