Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Well, our stuff has officially been packed and picked up by the movers. The first picture is a picture of the storage facility....check out the view :-) Jake wasn't able to help the movers as much as he was the packers! Instead, he wanted to drive the car like he saw the movers driving the truck.....AND he passed out hard core on the way home! BUT - our stuff is in transit to South Carolina, so we won't have to wait 7 weeks for furniture like we did when we got here! So, all we have left to do now is be "on the road again....."


Heather said...

Happy Thanksgiving Allison and Chris!!! Drive safe. We will be thinking of you. When you get settled you will have to make a Thanksgiving dinner just for the fun of it. Get your turkey and stuffing fix! - hugs

Smith Family said...

AWE! Love the new posts.:) And, no wonder you fell in love with 29 Palms! You are wearing capris in November & look at the view! Have a great cross-country trip with the family & Happy Thanksgiving!