Monday, November 3, 2008

Jake ACTUALLY crawling...for real

I never really thought it would happen. Jake has been doing the "low crawl" for so long, I just assumed that would be how he chose to get around until he figured out this walking thing.... BUT, in the past couple of days, he has been doing a little more actual crawling - and today.....he just started taking off. You'll see in the video that he does end up back in the "low crawl", but he is moving further and further away from the "low crawl." He also has been saying dada all day long - trying to find Chris. Chris doesn't have to go back to work until Wednesday, BUT was pretty sick last night and still today (with the same thing Jake had), so he has kind of been closed up in another room :-) Lets just hope that I can keep from getting it, b/c after watching Jake and Chris go through it - that is ONE NASTY VIRUS - I have felt really bad for both of them!!!!!! I have also been spraying lysol all over the place - the pillows, the living room, the hallway, the couch....Chris at one point even smiled and said, "do you need to spray ME down?" I wanted to be like, "do you mind??":-)

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Kate said...

yay to the crawling! he is getting so to being sick though...i hope you get to feeling better chris! i bet you guys are having a blast anyways though! love you!