Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Things have been pretty crazy around here since we are getting ready to head back to the East Coast tomorrow. For some reason, it feels like we just did that drive?! :-) I have pictures to blog about, b/c it has been a busy weekend, but I'll have to get to that later today. Chris actually blogged about getting "kicked out of a bar" and we did, but I didn't want Jake to lose his "perfect" image, and the reason we got kicked out isn't because Jake or Ava were being too crazy in the bar....it's because they were under 21, so we had to leave :-) Yep, they had EVERYONE move to a totally different room/location, b/c of 2 babies under the age of 1. However, Jake is really good at throwing cheerios. We have been playing so much catch with him....with a ball....that he basically throws everything he picks up now.
Anyway....so, we are headed to Flagstaff, AZ tomorrow and will be in Albuquerque, NM for Thanksgiving. It will be an unconventional Thanksgiving, BUT I am just thankful that the 3 of us will be ALL together! Talk about something to be thankful for!! That is going to be nice. I'm pretty sad about leaving this 80 degree weather, though. Chris and I were talking the other day about why we were going to Parris Island instead of San Diego (and then we remembered that the grandparents and aunts all live on the east coast), BUT you can't beat this weather. It's pretty ironic that I was BAWLING my eyes out as we entered this desert 3 years ago, but it does really grow on you....and I'm kind of sad to leave. Yep, how is THAT for some irony?! :-) However, I'm also excited about our next adventure....

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Jill and Scott said...

Well, the weather in SC isn't THAT bad! A bit cold now, but is nice most of the year! We will only be about 3 hours or so from each other I think. I think that Parris Island is around Charleston area? Maybe we could make a weekend trip sometime and come see you! I love going to Charleston! And you guys are welcome to come see us sometime too. When you travel through to see the grandparents, you'll probably pass right by our house off of I-85.