Sunday, November 2, 2008

From Chris

Hello, Everyone! Allison is currently walking me through this process and telling me what I can and can't say...and I believe she has corrected my grammar twice so far...she has set a high standard on this blog. Round of applause for her by the way, for setting this blog did allow me to view pictures of her and Jake (although she was stingy on the pictures of her) on a regular basis. However, the real thing has been so much better, not that I have to tell any of you that. It has been SO AWESOME getting to see Allison and starting to get to know Jake all over again. I have been truly blown away by seeing the bond that the two of them have developed over the last few months and getting to see how much Jake has grown. I certainly look forward to spending time with Jake and teaching him something besides soap operas, pedicures, and whatever else he did with his mom, grandmas and aunts...just wait til I see Poppy and Papa Dee and discuss the lack of manly things he can do...for some reason, he wanted to watch General Hospital over a football game today. Ha. Anyway, I want to thank each of you for the thoughts and prayers over the last 7 months and for all of the joy you helped bring to Allison and Jake's lives while they were back east. We look forward to seeing you all in a few months. Take care.


Becky said...

Welcome home, Chris!! We are so glad that you back safe and sound. Take good care of Jako now. Give him lots of hugs and kisses for us. See you in a few weeks!!! Love you!

Heather said...

Chris, We are so glad you're back. So thankful for you and men like you who do what you do!!! Welcome home!!!