Saturday, November 29, 2008


Jake has a cold. A lot of you who read this blog know this already. The irony in this cold is, again, not great timing. He was up most of the night on Tuesday night (the night before we left CA) with a fever and all stuffy and feeling gross. So, the guy has been a trooper on this trip across country! His fever only lasted Wednesday and some of Thursday, and he has been fever-free since somewhere between Albuquerque and Oklahoma City. BUT, he does still have a cough and stuffiness. Chris and I have found that Jake can take on both of us, though. He does NOT appreciate the nasal aspirator. I mean, can you blame him?? I've never had to use it on him, and he is making sure we STILL don't use it. Chris and I try to EXPLAIN to him that it is for his own good.....pretty funny us trying to explain it to a 10-month old as he's screaming :-) Anyway, he is getting better everyday, and finally slept from like 11pm - 7am last night, so that is good. I mean, plus we have lost 2 hours....and I'm pretty much just tossing the "schedule" out the window. Did I mention, though, that Jake doesn't like us to USE the nasal aspirator; however, he LOVES to play with it. Kind of gross, but hey....whatever keeps him occupied in the car :-)

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