Saturday, November 22, 2008

Kicked out of a Bar

Jake can say he has done a lot of things before his first birthday. He's driven across the entire United States a few times, he's been to a family reunion, a few weddings, a 4th of July celebration and now he can claim he has done something only Gram and Mimi have done...been kicked out of a bar. Jake and his friend Ava were causing such a stir at the Officer's Club during a fairwell party for Chris and another captain last night that they were finally asked to leave and forced all of the officers of 1st Tank Battalion to move to another room. We can't figure out if it was when Jake was trying to buy a round for everyone or if it was when he was throwing cheerios all over the place. Regardless, the mom's had to intervene and Jake and Ava were banished to high chairs...of course that didn't keep them from being the life of the party.

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Ringmaster said...

That is too cute, I cannot believe they kicked ya'll out (either they needed to lighten up or your child was totally out of control =)) haha! When do you move back this way? I cannot believe you are driving that trip AGAIN!!