Monday, August 22, 2011

School Update

School has been .... amazing. Most of you know that I was pretty nervous about it - mainly because our track record with Sunday School is poor, so I was really hoping preschool wouldn't be a challenge every day to get him to go. It's also one of the reasons I went on and started him even though we are only here for 2 more months. I wanted him to start REALLY understanding the concept that I would be coming BACK for him. Plus, like I already mentioned in a previous post, HE IS SO READY. He thrives on friendships and interactions, so I had high hopes, but just had really been praying it would be a smooth transition. Well, IT HAS! I honestly couldn't have asked for it to have started out any better. He LOVES it. He was sick last week and had to miss Wednesday, and he couldn't want to go back on Friday. My parents were in town, and we all dropped him off - and he just ran right in and started talking to his teacher, etc. It makes ME so excited that HE is so excited! He loves coming home and showing us the art projects and telling us all about what he has done. He even told us one night at dinner how they say the Pledge of Allegiance after snack. I figured he knew what he was talking about, but I asked his teacher, just because I was curious, and yep .... after snack :-) He already got his first scraped up knee on the playground but told me "No crying, b/c I am tough." :-) Even just today before lunch, I asked him to be the one to pray .... and he started singing this prayer. He then told me that is what they do at school. LOVE IT! I love that he is remembering it all, soaking it all up, and I just LOVE that he randomly brings stories up from school. I think Jake is actually even going to be sad when we have to take a little preschool hiatus on our way out to California :-) Here are a few more school-related pictures.

This is Jake helping me back his M&M cookies the night before his first day .....
The note I put in his lunchbox the first day. Now, he likes to write HIMSELF a note for his lunchbox - ha!
2nd day of school. I promise (i think) that I won't make you look at a picture of him from every single day of school :-)
Ice-cream cone after school, compliments of Aunt Katy who sent him a Chick-fil-A gift card :-)
There's a good picture of his scraped up knee, too!!
I'm sure there will be many more stories to come, but I really want to say THANKS to everyone who has been out there praying for a smooth transition! I was preparing for lots of resistance, but it hasn't been like that at all ... it's been SO ENJOYABLE, and I know that's because so many people have been praying for that for us, so...THANKS!!!
*(On a side note, since we've all already been sick, I'm pretty sure it's "build up immunity" year for us in our family as far as school goes) :-)

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