Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Little Bit of HISTORY.

As I've gotten older, the history behind my family has become more and more interesting to me. I've wanted to know how my grandparents met, where they met, what my great-grandparents were like, etc., etc. It's kind of a big deal when you think about it. I'm so grateful for the legacy they have all left - and I feel a responsibility to carry on that legacy with my kids - and pray that it will filter to their kids and to their kids, etc. It's so ironic, too, because right now, we are living in Columbus, GA. We are about 10 minutes from Phenix City, AL where my maternal grandmother (Nana) GREW UP! How crazy is that?! I mean, what are the chances we would even be stationed at an Army base near so much of my family history! So, while my parents were in town, we took a little stroll with my Mom down "memory lane." I know I treasure all the memories I have of going to my grandparents houses while growing up, and it was fun to get to see my Mom re-live those experiences and hear the stories of visiting these places when she was growing up.

This is the sign for Girard Baptist Church. The building is still there, but they have built a new church building, so it didn't seem as though this building was used as a church facility anymore. THIS is the exact building my Nana and Papa (Mom's parents) got married - over 60 years ago!
The church. Amazing. 10 miles from my house right now.
This is Sandfort Road .... the road where Nana grew up. It is right around the corner from the church.
This house was Nana's grandparents house (my great-great grandparents)! Still standing. It was right next door to the house where she grew up.
AND this .... this is where my Nana grew up. In fact, her Dad built this house 80 years ago! Built it with his own 2 hands. I just think that is so cool. It's still there - and it looks pretty good, too.
My Mom was telling us all about the house - and her memories going and visiting her grandparents there as she grew up.
Just a little history about Nana. When Nana was 6 years old, her mother died of pneumonia. She was 34 years old. The antibiotic for pneumonia was approved just a few short years later. When she died, she left a husband and 3 small children behind :-( So, her sister (Aunt B) married their father - and they raised those children together, and she loved them as her own.
More pictures of the house - and the barn/shed that Mom said they used to play in for hours! I think Mom and Papa were pretty surprised it was still standing.

One last picture of the house.
This is where Nana went to school. Okay, well ... obviously NOT the same building, but this is the high school where she went.
What Central High School looks like in 2011. I wish I had a picture of what it looked like when Nana went there.
After driving around Phenix City for a little while, we headed to the cemetery where Mom's grandparents are buried.
Marielle was Nana's mother. My Mom's middle name is Marielle, as well as Julianne's middle name (and I'm pretty sure Susan's - our cousin- middle name, too).
Asa Dudley. Nana's Father. My great-grandfather. So cool.
Aunt B. This is my great-grandmother's sister who married my great-grandfather when her sister passed away to help raise Nana and her siblings (but I'm sure you caught all of that earlier).

(Not quite sure why Jake is just waving away).

In closing (like I've written a sermon or something), the song that has been going through my head recently, as I've been thinking about this legacy that has been left is an old song by Point of Grace.

Livin' the Legacy (Point of Grace)

My father knew it
And his before him
And it goes way back down the line
They had a vision
A prayer for the future
For what I would believe in time
Now I'm not perfect
Life's not easy
But I wouldn't take the world for what they gave me

I'm living the legacy
Walking the path that the faithful have laid down
I'm living the legacy
Finding the hope that my fathers found
I'm standing tall when I'm on my knees
I'm living the legacy



Ashleigh Paxton said...

love this!!!

Jill said...

Enjoyed this! I too, have been more interested in my family's history. This inspires me to do a blog post on what I know too . . . someday, before I forget! :-)

Allison Ashinhurst said...

thanks guys! once i start learning some of the history, i want to know more and more. :-)