Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I'm BAAAACK - Gram and Poppy Visit!

I haven't meant to take a little "hiatus" from blogging. BUT - I'm baaaack now :-) Lots of things to blog about. FIRST, we had such a GREAT time with Gram and Poppy a couple of weeks ago. The boys (and Chris and I) were so excited to have them here and get to show them around Columbus and our new "stomping grounds" :-)
We went to the Pirate Playground one afternoon .... and Jake also got to play some of the video games - and won 125 tickets on 1 game! He was pretty psyched!
Hanging out with Poppy in their new Philly/Phillie Fanatic T-shirts :-)
Playground with Gram and Poppy

Safari Park!!! We had to show them how cool this place is!

Cole LOVES it .... and kept throwing food to all the animals!

Giraffe UP CLOSE - yay!!!!

Jake throwing some food, too!

Jake wearing Gram's glasses
Trying on his new back pack for school .... and scooby lunch box!

Trying for a picture ...
We had such a BLAST with Gram and Poppy. It always just goes by TOOOOO fast when family is here visiting! We can't wait to see them again soon. I have to just add that my boys are so blessed to have such wonderful grandparents and aunts and uncle! As their Mom, I just feel so extremely thankful!!

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