Monday, August 22, 2011


Not sure if I've ever mentioned this or not, but ..... I LOVE FAMILY! I am especially loving lately that we've had so much family visiting (and still to come) - and that we are close enough to be able to SEE family! I'm well aware that we are about to head back to the west coast desert - and seeing extended family especially, is hard! So, I'm treasuring up all of the moments now!!
My cousin Anne Marie, who just got married back in May and now lives in Greenville, SC, came to see us 2 weeks ago. Her husband, Mark, is a football coach at Furman, so with college football starting, his schedule has been crazy (i completely understand crazy work schedules), and she came to see us for a couple of days! We had such a FUN time - and the boys were definitely enjoying all the extra attention. One night, after the boys went to bed, Chris had to write a paper, so Anne Marie and I went to Starbucks and hung out for a couple hours - and that was perfect, so between that and playing with the boys, and playing cards with Chris another night, it was a perfect visit. We are looking forward to heading to SC in September to see a Furman football game! I just LOVE family :-)

Anne Marie and Jake at the playground ....
Dancing with Cole....
So sweet - LOVE this picture!!

Trying to get both boys in a picture (not always an easy task) :-)
Sweeet :-)
Dance party with Jake, of course :-)

AND here is a little LIFE IS A HIGHWAY action :-) Good times - Anne Marie was a great sport!!! :-)

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