Friday, August 26, 2011

Mimi & Papa Dee!!

Have you ever had expectations for something, and it didn't quite go as expected?! Well, my parents were here last week - and I had been so looking forward to them getting here and having every single moment filled w/ doing something and showing them all around this area. It didn't quite go as planned. The boys were both sick ... and then I was sick by the end of the week, so we pretty much spent the majority of the week in this tiny (but LOVELY) apt. So, we may not have been able to do everything I was hoping to do, but at the same time ... it was SO NICE to have them here to hang out with, since we were stuck inside - AND it was probably really nice for my Dad to be forced to relax :-) If you know my Dad, he is such a hard, hard, passionate worker, so I'm glad he was able to sit back and relax a little bit! In reality, I don't NEED to have every minute planned when hanging out with my parents, b/c I enjoy their company so much, I really don't care what we are doing. AND .... we were able to "sneak" in a little bit of "out of the apartment" fun, too :-)
The boys were excited to see Mimi and Papa Dee when they woke up Monday morning!!
Building the Island of Sodor with Mimi.
Jake was PUMPED about his new Angry Birds shirt ....
and angry birds :-)
Bread bowls from Panera Bread ....
Like brother, like brother :-)
By the end of the week, we were heading out to Chuck E Cheese!
Trying to get a picture with the boys .... :-) You can tell I was the only one who wanted this picture to happen (probably because I actually had real clothes on and my hair out of a ponytail) - ha!
Jake w/ Mimi and Papa Dee...
These blocks continue to get so much mileage.

Relaxing and trying to get better ....
Jake is always up to something....
Mimi and Papa Dee getting ready to leave :-(
Cole was NOT happy about Papa Dee leaving. He was reaching out for him and crying his eyes out. I think he just might've left with him. It was GREAT having them here! I'm thankful for the effort our families make to come see us in all these different places we live :-) It means a lot to all of us!!
BUT, speaking of unexpected things .... we are thankful that the boys and I are going to get to make an UNEXPECTED trip to VA (and Beaufort along the way - yay) in a couple of weeks that wasn't planned, but is going to work out. So, I guess I'm just trying to put off saying "bye" to family as long as possible before heading out west.

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Kate said...

I love unexpected visits too! Can't wait to come see you guys & have you come to VA!!