Monday, August 22, 2011

Carnival Time.

Jake has an imagination. That is putting it lightly. It's so .... imaginative, though ... ha :-) I mean, really - there is no better word to describe it. He is so creative. He understands he's living in reality, b/c he will say "my pretend so and so", BUT it cracks us up ... the stuff he comes up with. So, a little over a week ago, Jake wanted to put on a carnival for Chris and me. We couldn't enter the room until we gave him our "pretend tickets". We played all sorts of games - and he had the exact places we needed to sit for his concert. It was honestly one of the most fun nights we've had. I love how Jake lets Cole be a part of it .... and Cole just goes with the flow (most of the time) :-)
Here they are on their stools during their performance. Cole was about to jump off into the crowd of fans!

And you didn't think I'd leave you hanging w/o a video OF their performance, right?! This is Jake's made-up song. Oh, Jake .... I love love love you!!

This is Jake's song about cockroaches, b/c he knows how much I LOATHE them, and he thinks it's funny, so of course he would make up a song about them :-)

Already can't wait for our next carnival :-)

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