Thursday, August 9, 2012


It was awesome that family was IN 29 Palms waiting for us when we arrived :-)
I was happy to get to show Uncle Hal, Aunt Mary Anne, and Mary Ellen where we will live for the next 2+ years.  It's hard to really imagine how different it is out here - until you see it for yourself.  Needless to say, I'm glad they were able to see where we call "home" these days!
Mary Ellen with Jake and Cole .... building trains.

Cool, crazy dudes!

Uncle Hal, Aunt Mary Anne, and Mary Ellen came bearing an inflatable pool gift.  Way fun!  However, we had to blow it up - and fill it with water (without knowing where our air pump OR hose was ... since we had just gotten there - and everything was in boxes).  
It makes for a good story now, though :-)

Aunt Mary Anne with Cole and Chase :-)

Filling up the pool w/ water.  

Everyone was pitching in :-)

And now time for some FUN!

What a FUN afternoon we had with them.  They were great sports, too, since all of our stuff was in boxes - and I had absolutely nothing to offer them :-/

Resting w/ Papa Dee that night .... 

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