Monday, August 20, 2012


So, being the awesome, cool, amazing, fantastic, FUN, creative sister that she is ... Jul decided it would be a great idea to throw a Gender Reveal Party.  These are the latest and greatest things.  Every one that is some one is doing it - ha :-) (so, I have to admit I definitely highly encouraged her to go through with it, so that I could live vicariously through her, since they weren't that "big" when I've been pregnant ... and we also have never lived closed to family when finding out the gender anyway).
Plus, let's be serious.  Who doesn't love a good party, right?!
So, Jul and Matt went on August 3 for her "big" ultrasound, had the tech put the gender in a sealed envelope, and Jul took that envelope to the bakery for them to make a cake with the filling either blue or pink .... all to be REVEALED with family and some friends this past weekend!  FUN FUN FUN idea.  Thankfully for technology, we were able to Skype in during the cutting of the cake "ceremony" and also see it revealed with everyone else.  I love technology!!
I'm really happy for Jul and Matt .... I'm so excited to be an aunt!  I can't wait!!!
So, here's the video I took ....
It's a ......

I totally thought it was going to be a girl.  That was my guess.  BUT I'm super excited for another boy. Call me biased, but I just have so much fun with my boys - that I'm so glad they will have a boy cousin so close to their ages.  Plus, he will have all the "hand me downs" that he could ever imagine.  There are going to be lots of FUN times ahead for these cousins!  Way excited to start making some memories.
Congratulations Jul and Matt!!!  We are so excited to have a nephew and a little boy cousin :-)!!!  Your lives are about to be changed in the most amazing way!
Now, if only I can talk Chris into 1 more, so that we can throw a party .... haha!  (kidding)!!!

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Ahh, I love this! So fun!