Friday, August 10, 2012

Daddy's 30th Birthday...

TOP Priority when Daddy got out of the field was to celebrate his 30th birthday (that he "celebrated" out in the field - boo).
So, NEW grill for his birthday - yay!  We grilled hamburgers, hot dogs ... and of course had cake.

Jake brought out his grill and started grilling with Daddy, too.  Love it!

Jake was just thinking he was such big stuff out there with Daddy grilling!

Happy Happy Birthday to the best friend, husband, and daddy anyone could ask for!

Opening presents ....

THIS one is from Jake, Cole, and Chase ....

NERF GUNS!!!!  Jake and Cole were pretty excited that I bought them one, too .... so they could fight back, of course.  Lots of nerf gun wars have taken place in this house over the past week!

We love you Chris!!  Happy 30th Birthday!!
(didn't we just turn 16?!?!!!!)

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