Thursday, August 16, 2012

Busy FUN day!

We have been BUSY since getting here.  This whole living on base thing is going to work out well for our family, I think.  There is just so much to do with the boys!  I love that.  I love that the sun is (almost) always shining ... and there are always things to do.  
Today was one of those busy and FUN days.  
Chris is still in the field (hurry up time) ... BUT this morning, I watched a friend's little girl while she had an appointment.
Then, after she got picked up, the boys and I headed to the splash park to meet some friends!  
Here are the boys enjoying running around in the water ... 

In between the splash park and pool (pictures to follow), Chase passed out from all the excitement of the morning :-)

THEN, the pool.  4 hours of the pool, actually.
Yes, 4 hours with friends!!


Jake jumping in from the side to our friend Seth (works with Chris).  Jake is really building up his confidence.  I love that.  

And wrapping up the day, watching The Lorax until bedtime.!!!

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