Friday, August 10, 2012

Settling IN...

So, when we arrived in the "high desert" (as Jake says, now that he has heard us talk about it), Chris was out in the field, so we had a couple of days here FIRST before we even got to see him .... BUT it was SO SWEET to all be reunited again.  The boys were so excited!!  
Here they are right by Daddy's side when he got home!!

The unpacking is never ending.  You would think w/ all these moves, it would get easier, but I guess 2 toddlers and a newborn slows you down a little bit :-)  I still have a little unpacking and organizing left to do, but .... it'll get done.  The house is "livable" now - and that's all that matters at this point.  
Thank GOODNESS that Mom stayed for 9 days.  I couldn't have done it w/o her - no way!  So, not only did she clean and unpack and organize - BUT she spent a lot of time distracting the boys, so I can't thank her enough!!  

Needless to say, all the paper from the kitchen boxes were a huge hit ...
Santa Claus is only bringing boxes and packing paper for Christmas this upcoming year.

JUMPING into the pile!

THIS picture is classic, b/c it describes about how I felt ... I felt I was buried among all the boxes that needed to be unpacked :-)


Such a mess!

Before the beds were put together ... :-)

Presents from Aunt Jenn ....
Oh, Christopher :-)

Phillies Phanatics!!!

Cutest Phillies fans ever.  Promise.

Totally in love.

"Cheeeeeeese" :-)

I told Jake that it NEVER rains in the desert.  6 days in ... one of the biggest rains they have had in YEARS!  

Never ever seen another kid eat and make such a mess like Cole does!  Every meal.

Soaking up some last moments with Mimi :-)

I surprised the boys with an Angry Birds bathroom.  I normally wouldn't choose to use a character theme in their bathroom, b/c character themes come and go ... BUT they have been such troopers - and I wanted to do something I knew they would love.  AND I was right, they loved it :-)  In fact, in this picture, they are both taking a picture of the angry birds trash can.  

About to take Mimi to the airport :-/

We actually saw her plane fly away :-(
AND now .... reality.  No more Mom to help me out :-)
It's a FUN reality, though ... but we sure miss family!

Here are the crazy boys :-)

And being silly ....

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