Thursday, August 16, 2012

All Caught Up!

Well, I'm pretty much all caught up blogging now :-)  
Here are just a few more random pictures from the past week of things we have been up to :-)

Grocery Shopping.  Everyone was in a good mood ... THIS is just what they do when I say smile.
As much as I'd probably rather do grocery shopping w/o 3 kids, it actually works out pretty well - and they are good companions :-)
(and one day soon, we will ditch Cole's pacifier.  I just have to work myself up for that.  But soon.)

Love this little guy!  He is SUCH a 2 year old these days, though.  A 2 1/2 year old (because I swear the 3s are worse).  I also just think that out of all 3 of the boys, Cole has had the hardest time understanding and adjusting to all the change.  He has done a pretty good job - but I just think he is at an age to be most confused.  He's so fun-loving, though.  So resilient.  All of them are.  I'm so lucky - and beyond thankful for these precious faces!  

Blessed.  And I never want to take it for granted.  

I unpacked THE play mat.  I say THE play mat, b/c Jake and Cole LOVED this play mat with the star on top ... and Chase is the same way.  Forget the "underwater fish" one.  Chase LOVES this blinking star!  It totally reminds me of Jake who would just stare at it and smile away! :-)

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