Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Friday Night Bowling...

Daddy has been in the field for a little while now (feels like a long while - we miss him), BUT we are staying busy and keeping the FUN alive, with our latest "adventure" being bowling and pizza on Friday night with friends :-)  The boys had a blast - and we are thankful for the friends we are making here in 29 Palms.  The Lord always always always provides.  

Cole had to do it ALL BY HIMSELF.  All of it.  Thankfully he didn't drop the ball and break any toes :-)

Chase's first "play date" :-)
Our neighbors across the street have 3 kids - all the same ages as the boys.  

Jake showing off :-)

Such concentration :-)

Oh, my older boys.  How I love them!

THEN, we got home that evening ... and took a quick stroll in the new stroller!
I love love love it :-)  The boys do, too!!  
Let the working out begin ....

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Aubra Whitten said...

That stroller is intense! your arms are going to look amazing after pushing that thing around!