Thursday, May 17, 2012


So, here's the really GREAT, AWESOME, AMAZING, WONDERFUL, MAGNIFICENT, OUTSTANDING news I've been wanting to share on the blog for a couple of weeks now:  Chris is HOME.  Well, home as in back in the USA!  The timing of homecoming has been up and down from before Chris left for Afghanistan this time.  It was a 12-month deployment that we knew could possibly end up only being 9 months or even 6 months .... BUT when he left, there was no talk of it being only 3 1/2 months.  There was definitely no reason to believe he could actually make it back in time for the baby to be born!  So, feeling blessed all the way around right now ... blessed that he is back in California, blessed that he should make it back to VA in time for Chase to get here, blessed that he is safe!  
He came home early in order to get back to 29 Palms and train with a company there that is scheduled to deploy in several months (selfishly hoping that gets canned), BUT I'm living in the here and now - not worrying about that right now ... and the here and now is EXCITING!  He's home!
It's so weird that he is back - but out in California ... and the boys and I are back in VA - but he will be coming to VA on Wednesday.  We haven't told the boys ... since we never had a time-frame to tell them - we decided just to surprise them :-)  So, that will be FUN.  Even just this morning - a few minutes ago, Jake randomly said to me, "I really wish Daddy was here."  And yesterday, he walked into the living room where I was with lots of stuff packed in his hands and said, "I'm going to go visit Daddy is Afghanistan now."  So, they will both be besides themselves surprised!  

Here is a picture of Chris and his Dad yesterday at his Homecoming.  SO THANKFUL that his parents were willing to drive his truck out to him - and be there when he got off the bus.  I know they will have a fun couple of days together.  Obviously since I came back to VA, we weren't expecting at all such a "short" deployment, so the logistics here at the end have been a little crazy, but I'm appreciative that the Ashinhursts were able to help out with some of those logistics - Thanks :-)  I'm glad it worked for them to be there for such a special time!  

And THANKS to all of you out there reading for all your prayers and support.  Deployments go much smoother when you have such a great support group, like we do.  So, thank you thank you!!  You'll never know how much it is appreciated!  

WELCOME HOME CHRIS!  We can't wait to see you!!  

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