Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Matt Paxson for Mayor

Today is the day.  May 1.  Those in Fredericksburg, STOP reading this immediately and head out the the polls and go vote for MATT PAXSON FOR MAYOR.  The polls are open from 6am-7pm.

I have been able to get an "up close" look at how hard Matt has worked on his campaign over the past few months.  I have read the articles in the paper, gone to the debates, read his agenda - and he has some great ideas and some amazing vision for Fredericksburg.  I'm wishing I could vote!
I think what has been most amazing and inspiring to me is just the fact that Matt loves politics, he wants to make a difference in Fredericksburg - and through the Mayor position - and he has gone for it.  He has poured his heart and soul into his campaign ... gone door to door - and has had limited funds (compared to the other 2 candidates).  The one thing for sure that I've taken away from watching him over the past few months is just how important it is to LIVE life and GO for what you want.  Sure, Matt has been the "under dog" this whole time - and who knows what today's results will show.  I think any objective voter can't walk away without voting for Paxson (in my completely unbiased opinion).  :-)
I'm just really proud of him.  I'm proud of all the hard work he has put into this .... and just going for something that he wants - a dream.  He's not just sitting on the sidelines and letting life pass him by - he's LIVING life ... and I think we can all learn a little something from that.  I know I can ... and have.
Good Luck today Matt.  Thinking and Praying for you!  I'm really, really proud of you!!!  

Matt speaking at the River Front Concert a couple of weeks ago.

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