Thursday, May 17, 2012

Donuts with Uncle Matt ....

This week at preschool, they are celebrating Dads.  Yesterday was Donuts with Dads ... and in our case, Donuts with Uncle Matt.  Since Daddy couldn't be there, Uncle Matt bravely and willingly stepped in.  How much FUN that was for Jake.  Yesterday morning, I heard him get out of bed and immediately start saying, "Uncle Matt is coming to school today, Uncle Matt is coming to school today..."  He was pretty excited ... and from the looks and sounds of it, they had a GREAT time!!  Thanks Uncle Matt for making Jake feel so special!!

Invitation for Uncle Matt :-)    

Uncle Matt and Jake at school, eating donuts ... and with the tie that Jake made ....

They had a paper airplane contest, so here are all the boys taking a picture with their paper airplanes.  Apparently, Uncle Matt said the boys enjoyed BEING the planes more than flying the planes that were made.  Boys will be boys. 
How blessed my kids are to have such a fun, involved, attentive, amazing Uncle.  Uncle Matt sure is loved - and we couldn't imagine our family without him!!  

And here is what Jake had to say about Daddy.  We are saving these gifts for him for when he gets home.  I especially love the pink hair comments ... and that he likes to buy yogurt (don't think I've even seen Chris EAT yogurt - hardly)!!
BUT, my favorite is when he says that Daddy always tells him, "I love you Buddy", because he does - and that part melted my heart :-)

Pretty sure Daddy can't wait to get home and see this boy .... and his brother!!  

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