Monday, May 28, 2012


Here is a quick "sample" of pictures from Homecoming Day for the boys and me.  I'll post more later, too - and I'm not sure why these are out of order, BUT what a fantastic day it was!  
As I mentioned in an earlier blog, we decided to surprise the boys ... and surprise is an understatement.  They were both totally SHOCKED.  It was nice, b/c we were able to surprise them separately, which gave them each "their moment", too!  
Aunt Becky, Aunt Jenn, Cole, and I picked Chris up from the airport at 9am on Wednesday morning.  From a distance, Cole kept saying "Poppy" ... but when we got up close - it was like he didn't quite believe what he was seeing :-)

Here they are at the airport....

Chris and me back at his Mom and Dad's house - before we were off to surprise Jake at preschool ....

After Chris had surprised Jake during lunch, Jake and all his friends wanted Chris to read them a book.  I think they were basically all sitting in Chris's lap :-)

Still reading :-)

Outside on the playground at school, before heading home :-)

Silly faces, of course.  

Lunch at Jake's school ... right after surprising Jake :-)

At the airport that morning .... Chris with Cole and Jenn and Becky!!  

YAY!!!  HE'S BACK!!!!!  

Cole was NOT letting go ... 

Here is the video of Cole seeing Daddy for the first time.  Again, totally caught off guard - but so excited! Neither one of the boys have let Chris out of their sight since they saw him on Wednesday :-)

Here is the video of Chris surprising Jake at preschool during lunch.  Honestly, when you surprise a 4 year old, you never quite know the reaction you are going to get.  Jake is such an "organized" person, who likes to know exactly how each day is going to unfold, so to say he was surprised really is a huge understatement.  He was basically paralyzed in shock (does that even make sense)?!
You'll see on the video, but when he saw Chris, he said "Hi daddy" as if that was completely normal, but then his face just TOTALLY changed to shock ... like, "what is going on?!!!"  I think he was trying not to cry - but you can just see his mind processing everything that is going on.  Chris told me that while they were hugging, Chris said, "I'm back" and Jake said, "Do you have to go back to Afghanistan after this?"  I think Jake was trying to figure out if Chris was really home for good or not :-)  It was all pretty precious and a special moment for them!
It's beyond wonderful to have Chris back, safe and sound.  Feeling especially thankful this Memorial Day!


melissaraineri said...

Awww! Love the pics and video. I literally started to cry. I am so happy you have the family all together!!! And soon Baby Chase will be here...what an exciting week!

Aubra Whitten said...

Love it, and so so SO thankful he's home!

Jill Brisken said...

So glad Chris is home! Can't wait to hear news of when you have the baby! It should be any day now, right? Praying for a safe and healthy delivery for you!

Kels said...

I am so, so, so happy for you five!!! I was crying my eyes out during both videos!!