Sunday, May 20, 2012

CRAZY about these SMILES

Yesterday evening, we took an impromptu trip to the playground at the Marine Corps Museum (my favorite around).  We just needed some different scenery and a place to really exhaust some energy.  I think it was therapeutic for all .... and it made me really happy to see the SMILES on these handsome faces.  Since we had the place mostly to ourselves, too, the boys really played hard TOGETHER, which is so fun seeing these days ... They are interacting more and more - and even though that involves a lot of playful wrestling, it's nice when it doesn't (ha)!  I was taking lots of pictures to send to Chris, so I figured I'd post them on the blog, too .... got some good shots of them enjoying each other :-)

Not sure why Jake wanted to be in the "baby" swing next to Cole ... but he told me that when he turns 5, he probably definitely won't fit :-) 

Love these 2 :-)

Having so much fun!  They must've gone down that slide together 30 times ... we lost count!

Just a few more days ... and they will have a younger brother to add to the mix :-)

Yes, I had to document this :-)  It's amazing what grandchildren can talk grandparents into ;-)

Here are some videos.  I could be wrong (I'd have to verify with Aunt Jenn, Becky, or Katy) ... but I think this may be the first time Jake has actually held up his weight on the zip line.  He gets more confident each time we go to this playground .... and it was pretty neat to see that he was really trying hard to make it work.

The video of the boys running to the slide ... like I mentioned earlier, they probably did this at least 30 times.  I think that's about the point that my Dad lost track :-)  Needless to say, FUN night at the park - and so nice to see the smiles and hear all the laughs!  It sure was an absolutely beautiful day!!

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