Friday, March 2, 2012

On the Road ... Again.

It's hard to believe we've been in Virginia now for almost a month. Chris has been gone a month. Moving right along in this deployment. 1 down, who knows how many to go - BUT ... this month has been a busy one - and thankfully, there haven't been too many "slow" moments. Here's to hoping the rest of the deployment continues this way.
Back tracking just a little .... here are a few pictures of our trip across country. We made it from San Diego to Fredericksburg in just 4 days! We didn't mess around - and managed to have LOTS of fun along the way.
This was Jake's 5th time across country in his 4 short years of life, Cole's 2nd, my 6th, the baby's 1st :-), and Aunt Jenn's 2nd. Our family sure does know Interstate 40 very, very well. Hoping that one of these times across country, we can take the northern route.
The van was PACKED. Thankfully, Jake and Cole still fit SAFELY in their car seats! :-) They are such troopers with traveling (and thank goodness for DVD players, iPads and apps)!

Making lego pictures :-)

FINALLY Virginia. :-)

Of course, the highlight of driving across country is always stopping through Memphis to see family. I am so thankful for all the trips through Memphis over the past several years. I always love love love being with family. :-) Here we are playing Wii. The boys were loving life that night.

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