Friday, March 2, 2012

Virginia Run-Down

To say we have been busy the past month while here in VA would be an understatement, BUT it has been a good month. Here are some pictures of what all we've been up to.

Hanging with Aunt Julianne after church ....
My Mom watched a cute 6 month old baby one day ... and he was already here when Jake woke up and immediately Jake said, "The baby is out of Mommy's tummy." Not quite buddy - but Jake and Cole sure did have a big time with baby Zane. :-)
FaceTiming with Daddy. Have I mentioned I love technology?!
Jake's first day of preschool here...
Writing a Valentine's Day Card to Daddy ....

We have been playing lots and lots and lots of games. Snakes & Ladders has been the biggest hit.
Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Valentine's Day surprises....

Cute, tired, precious boys!
Baby's first gift ... thanks Aunt Becky! Love them!!!
Playing outside.... in this beautiful, unusual winter weather :-)

Cole acting like a "baby" ... oh, brother :-)
Missing Daddy .... our sad faces :-(
Playing at Gram and Poppy's house...
Having a birthday celebration with Gram, Poppy, Aunt Jenn, Aunt Becky, and Aunt Katy .... they made Ninja cupcakes for the boys!!! Huge hit!
We got to FaceTime with Daddy while celebrating. Way cool!

BIKES!!!!! Yay :-)

Oh, another 1st Day of School picture (obviously, some of these are out of order) ....
Hanging out with Libby and her new baby boy Asher. Sooo cute!!!
So happy for her and Greg!!!

Pirate Cole!!
Yes, my brother-in-law Matt Paxson is running for Mayor of Fredericksburg.
More info to come in a later post ....
Sleeping with their Daddy dolls (these pictures weren't "staged" - the boys LOVE them)!!

Here's a clear picture of what the Daddy doll looks like - love them! I think it is the perfect "invention".

Cat in the Hat hats :-)

Jake at his 4 year old appointment. He'll probably not appreciate this picture one day in the future - but I couldn't resist :-) I also couldn't believe they made him put on a gown for just a check-up. It was pretty traumatic (for both of us) with shots and getting blood drawn - but he was a trooper. My big boy is 41lbs and 42" (75th and 90th percentile)!!!
Ninja KAI (aka Jake)!!!
Gram and Poppy treated us to Lion King on stage in Richmond and then Cheesecake Factory afterwards! What a special treat!!! It was such a good show - and we had such a GREAT time!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

(Aunt Jenn was taking the picture) ....
Drawing pictures for Daddy ....
New sand box (since we had to leave the sand behind...) :-)
Cole at his 2 year check-up! He was running around the room in his diaper - and even the Dr was commenting on how active he is. That's my boy :-) He's 27lbs and 31". Still can't believe he is 2!
Jake in his Jester Hat he made at school....
Playing in the sand box....
I LOVE this picture .... sweet, sweet boy!
This is Cole's "other" side ... where he crosses his arms now and says, "No, Cole" when he wants something (or doesn't want to do something).
Buzzzzz Lightyear. I think this Buzz really does think he can actually FLY, too :-)
Decorating their room with outer space decals, compliments of Mimi. Great idea Mimi - lots of fun for a rainy afternoon!!!

Cole's side ....
Jake's side .... (yes, some glow in the dark) :-)
Playing at Gram and Poppy's house .... Officer Jake
Officer Cole ....
JAKE RIDING HIS BIKE!!!!!!! Look at that smile (thanks Aunt Becky for helping him out)!!

Hanging out with Papa Dee at the end of the day before bedtime!

Video #1 of Jake riding his bike :-)

Video #2 of Jake riding his bike....

I just LOVE Cole's laugh :-)

And that is pretty much a summary of what all has been going on with us :-) Now that I'm ACTUALLY CAUGHT UP with blogging ... I'll try to stay caught up. Hard to believe that I only have the last trimester before baby boy #3 will be here. We are pretty much set on a name. I'll just save that for another post, though ;-)


jgmk said...

Your pictures of the boy & Chris on FaceTime and you guys with him at the dinner table made me CRY !!! I know how much you guys miss him!!! I loved looking at you blog!!! You inspired me!! I need to get to work on mine!!! lol

Allison Ashinhurst said...

Yes, I always enjoy reading your blog, sO get to it ;-). BUT you're way better w/ picture moments! I love all your collages. McKenzie is getting so big. Oh my gosh - how do they grow so fast?!! We do miss Chris a lot- but are staying busy so the time "flies" by :-). I know you guys are getting excited to see Jacob in a few weeks. So happy for you guys- all of you!! Can't wait to see you!