Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Thursdays ...

Thursdays are our afternoons/evenings with Gram and Poppy and Aunt Becky, Aunt Jenn, and Aunt Katy. We obviously see them throughout the week some - and the boys are spending the night there every other Friday night, BUT we always know that Thursdays are "our" days with them - and what FUN we have! The weather has spoiled us lately, and I think this past Thursday, it was about 80 degrees, so we spent the majority of the time outside. It was great.
Gram had gotten an ice cream maker for the boys - lots of fun (and definitely delicious), so here are the boys "helping" make ice cream :-)

Now Cole's turn ....
My "sugar baby" loves it ....

We played a little baseball, too - complete with BASES (thanks Aunt Becky). Here is Jake playing "stop short" as he calls it :-)

That was him hitting the ball .... woo-hoo!

Here's a little clip of Jake at bat (ps. the sliding at the end is classic) ;-)

We sure are spoiled having family all around. Even under the circumstances of Chris being gone (and gosh we miss him), we are grateful for this time with family!

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