Thursday, March 15, 2012

Busy Busy Busy ...

We are staying busy. That's good, though. Busy is good. The money we are saving in rent (since we are living with my parents), we are spending in gas ;-) Well, not completely, but we do spend quality time on the road. The busier we are, though, the more time keeps moving along .... THAT is a good thing. Here is what all we've been up to lately ....

Face update: Here are a couple more pictures of my crazy face. Thankfully, it is MUCH better now - and I don't think there will be much (IF ANY) scarring. Yay.

A Sunday afternoon hanging out with Papa Dee. Jake and Papa Dee were both hard at work :-)
We were able to have brunch at Uncle Ray and Aunt Jean's house last week. Cole was enjoying his time with Uncle Ray :-)

Oh so cute Colester :-)
Crazy Sock Day at school :-) Oh Jake how I love you.
My cute boys :-)
Hanging out at Gram and Poppy's house one Thursday night :-)
My birthday was last Friday .... Birthday pancakes for breakfast!
My #1 Mom badge from the boys :-)

This past Sunday, BOTH boys napped at the same time. AT THE SAME TIME. It was short-lived, but those "short-lived" moments were nice :-)
Playing outside in this beautiful weather!

Finger painting!!!

Cole especially loved it!!
Our friends, The Raineris, sent a baby gift - and included were these 2 books for Jake and Cole. They are personalized coloring books. SO AWESOME. The boys LOVED them ... loved how the books have their name and Chase's name in them!!! Jake even wrote a note to Baby Chase for him to hurry up and get here. Way cute. What a perfect idea. Thanks so much Melissa!!!
Coloring in their big brother coloring books!

Jake was pretty sick on Monday, so I kept him home from school on Tuesday - even though he was all better. Since he was feeling better and the weather was beautiful, we made trip to Carl's ice-cream. Oh so good!!!
They pretty much LOVED it, as you can see :-)

Cole passed out at nap time!
Playing at Gram and Poppy's House. :-)

Eating a MM ice cream sandwich.

Oh, how we are thankful to be around family - and enjoying all of our time with them!!!!!!

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melissaraineri said...

Yay! Glad they liked the coloring books! They are so precious and are going to be the best big brothers ever!

On another note, you made me miss Carl's! Love that place!!!